Honey is not only tasty and nutritious, but also a hugely versatile cooking ingredient. We have provided you with a short list of our personal favourite recipes that will help you make the most of our honey while complimenting its numerous health benefits.



Granola Sensation

Ready mixed granola layered with low fat greek yogurt, fresh fruit and berries and topped with a dollop of raw honey.

This is a great way to start any day. Not only is this simple and easy to throw together, the honey remains raw and brimming with all of its nutrition.


Bircher Muesli 

Put the grated apple in a bowl and add the oats, seeds, half the nuts and the cinnamon. Toss together well. Stir in 100 ml apple juice, cover and chill for several hours or overnight. Spoon the muesli into two bowls and top with the sliced banana, sultanas and remaining nuts. Top with cut bananas or berries and drizzle some of our raw honey as a finishing touch.

The addition of our raw honey to this healthy breakfast classic is certainly a welcome addition. The rich, but not overpowering tones compliments the apple flavours well.