About Us

Who we are

We are a small community of Beekeepers around the English countryside who deeply care for their bees and the environment.

We are based at the historic site of Grims Dyke  in Harrow Weald, in a green belt area of immense natural beauty. The bees forage wild flower meadows, black berry bushes and a variety of heritage fruit trees.  This gives our honey a distinctive taste, rich but laden with softer, fruitier tones.

What we do

We have built a small community of beekepers based around the British Isles who share our ethics and principles in honey production.

Furthermore, every one of our beekeepers shares a passion for what they do, pursuing it for concern for the declining bee population above all else. Every bottle of honey sold is imbued with the love we have for what we do.

What it means to you

Local bee populations in the UK are in decline due to the lack of British beekeepers, supporting local honey producers has never been more important. Bees have an integral role in the countries ecosystem, allowing crops to flourish. By supporting us, you allow us to make a difference and give back to the world around us.

Whats more, every bottle of honey you buy from us goes straight into allowing us to continue what we are doing. Most of our beekeepers pursue bee keeping as a hobby and for care for the environment, so every penny goes into helping them continue that.

Furthermore, because our honey is extracted raw with minimum filtration, each bottle has a distinctive natural flavour. This changes in depth and complexity depending on the environment and the abundance of flowers the bees forage from. So every bottle is unique, the way mother nature intended it to be.



What a great year for our bees

Posted by The Raw Honey Community on Friday, October 5, 2018